January 12 2018

City Edition - Don’t Text and Drive memorial

The City installed a memorial sign in honor of Forrest Cepeda, who was hit and killed in 2011 by a driver who was texting.

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May 26 2017

City Edition - Transportation System Plan update

The Transportation System Plan is a vital component of the City’s plan for growth and how we will deal with East/West connectivity as our Urban Growth Boundary expands.

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December 22 2016

City Edition - 14th Street

There are sufficient funds remaining from the City’s 2011 transportation bond to address the problems of the 14th St corridor as the West side continues to grow.  Here is a look at the process.

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December 2 2016

City Edition - The WRAP device

Both Police and Fire personnel come in contact with violent offenders on the street. Now they have a device called the WRAP which neutralizes the suspect and provides safety to all first responders.

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October 31 2016

City Edition - 27th Street Sewer Update

With the 27th St. Sewer project underway, the City will wrap up the work between Forum and Twin Knolls drives during the busy holiday season from November 15 to January 3.


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September 30 2016

City Edition - Brewer to Sewer

Professional brewers gathered in Bend for a conference that discussed sustainable brewery practices end included a tour of our drinking water intake facility and wastewater treatment plant.


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City Edition - Governance Structure

The Bend Chamber of Commerce, City Club and Bend 2030 are sponsoring a series of community conversations about Bend's governance structure and how Bend City Councilors and Mayor are elected.

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June 3 2016

City Edition - Summer road maintenance

It’s Summer road construction season and with $5.2 million to spend this year on pavement preservation, our crews will be all over town patching potholes and paving streets.  

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October 22 2015

City Edition - Forest Service fire break protects city watershed

The U.S. Forest Service is working to create a firebreak that will protect the city’s Bridge Creek watershed from a catastrophic forest fire that could endanger Bend’s main water supply.

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June 15 2012

City Edition - Stream Stewardship Day

Steam Stewardship Day gives school kids in Bend a chance to learn about the river and how we can better care for the environment.

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