May 11 2010

City Edition - WaterWise Conservation Tips

WaterWise is a program developed by the water resources division of Public Works.  In our next story, you'll learn how to conserve and wisely use water during the upcoming summer months.

March 10 2010

City Edition - Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Federal funds are available thru HUD and NSP programs to help stabilize neighborhoods facing foreclosures and vacant lots. Selected families are eligible for these emergency funds through Oregon Housing and Community Services and the City of Bend's Affordable Housing office.

City Edition - CitySTAR Employee Recognition Program

Exceptional customer service by City of Bend employees and volunteers is the goal of this program. Use this link to nominate an employee or voluneer today.

City Edition - Emergency Vehicle Training

Bend Police Department officers undergo a rigorous emergency vehicle operating course on dark, icy surfaces.  Great video!

City Edition - Police Firearms Training

Bend Police Department officers attend a firearms training course taught by one of their own.

City Edition - Special Olympics

Bend Police Department motorcycle officer Matt Baldwin volunteers every Sunday as the head alpine coach for Special Olympics Oregon - High Desert Chapter.

July 1 2009

City Edition - ABC Awards

The City's Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission recognizes 10 individuals and groups with it's 2009 awards.

City Edition - Neighborhood Associations

Bend has 13 neighborhood associations that play an important role in communication with the City.  Find out how.

City Edition - eCommunications

Communication is important to the City of Bend now more than ever, and the internet is an important part of that.  Find out how we communicate electornically with citizens.

City Edition - Affordable Housing Fee Trust Fund

The City's Affordable Housing in funded in a creative way to help affordable housing projects in Bend, and is a first for the State of Oregon.

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