February 27 2018

City Edition - High Rise Fire Training

Bend Fire continually adapts its training to best serve our unique community. This year’s new training focus will be fighting fires on upper floors of taller buildings. 

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January 31 2018

City Edition - Southeast Interceptor Completion

The City has finished the Southeast Interceptor, also known as the 27th Street Sewer Line. This is 8 miles of gravity fed sewer pipe that's been in the making for more than 20 years!

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January 12 2018

City Edition - Don’t Text and Drive memorial

The City installed a memorial sign in honor of Forrest Cepeda, who was hit and killed in 2011 by a driver who was texting.

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December 20 2017

City Edition - Police Community Enhancement Program

Here are some great examples of how Bend Police officers are making a special effort to get out in the public to interact with you, the citizens of Bend.

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City Edition - Save water and money

Did you know that the water you use during the Winter months determines what your yearly sewer charge will be? Here are the details from your Utility Billing Department. 

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November 22 2017

City Edition - Winter Street Operation improvements

With the lessons learned last Winter, the City of Bend is implementing new procedures this year to ensure City Streets will be plowed just as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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November 7 2017

City Edition - Bend Fire Levy

Faster response times means more lives saved! Hear how Bend Fire has improved response times despite a growing number of calls. 

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September 28 2017

City Edition - Downtown public safety

Downtown Bend merchants are concerned about increased tensions between shoppers and transient individuals and are working together with the City Council and law enforcement to minimize conflicts.

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City Edition - Bend Airport expansion

The Bend Airport is about to open a new heliport on the East side of the runway.  Commercial flights, manufacturing and student pilots make Bend one of the busiest municipal airports in the entire State.

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August 25 2017

City Edition - Fire Department Injury Prevention

The Bend Fire Department is working with Rebound Physical Therapy on an injury prevention program, using functional fitness exercise. 

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