August 1 2016

City Edition - Third Street sidewalks projects

Third Street is one of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians in Bend. In the coming months, the City will rebuild sidewalks, curbs and ADA compliant curb ramps along a 1.2-mile stretch of road between Wilson Avenue and Powers Road. Take a look!


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City Edition - 27th Street sewer project

27th Street, between Reed Market Road and Neff Road, is the site of an extended sewer line project. The City will bury new sewer pipe up to 30 feet deep under this very busy thoroughfare.  Check it out!

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City Edition - Affordable Housing

The Bend City Council is allocating $1.592 million from the Affordable Housing fund to help build affordable workforce housing in Bend.  Here are the details!


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City Edition - Murphy Parrell roundabout open

Bend's newest roundabout is open at the intersection of Murphy and Parrell, making the intersection safer and better connecting the City's overall transportation system.

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July 1 2016

City Edition - Whitewater rescue training

Bend Fire & Rescue has to be ready for all kinds of emergencies. They recently trained in the Park and Recreation District’s new Whitewater Park. Take a look!

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City Edition - Ride the River

It's summer time and people love to float the Deschutes River in Bend. The Ride the River shuttle is back! Here are tips on how to use it. 

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City Edition - Police reduce use of force

The Bend Police Department trains officers how to reduce the use of force and the value of Crisis Intervention Training when dealing with offenders who have serious mental health issues.

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City Edition - Sewer Rate Increases

The City is gradually increasing Sewer Rates for companies that discharge wastewater that we describe as Extra Strength. The plan more equitably distributes the cost of doing business. Here how the plan works and who it affects!

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June 23 2016

City Edition - Safer By Design

Safer by Design is a City of Bend program that is responsible for designing and building safer crosswalks along the very busy 3rd St. corridor. Check it out.  

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June 17 2016

City Edition - City Council Office Hours

Bend CityCouncilors are available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns at CouncilOffice Hours that are scheduled four times every month. Take a look!


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