May 26 2017

City Edition - Mental Health for First Responders

The mental health of our first responders is extremely important to our police and fire chiefs.  Here is a look at what is being done to help crews who respond to traumatic incidents occurring daily in the City of Bend.

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City Edition - Slurry Seal road treatment

The Streets Department is already hard at work preserving streets in Bend’s neighborhoods.  Here is a look at a new process called, ‘Slurry Seal’ being applied in a south Bend neighborhood. 

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City Edition - City Budget Plan

The City recently held hearings where the city’s biennial budget was presented to the budget committee made up of 7 city councilors and an equal number of citizen volunteers.


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City Edition - Bend Fire workshops on medical emergencies

The Bend Fire Department offers instructional workshops in how to deal with medical emergencies in the workplace.  Here we see employees of the High Desert Museum learn what to do before the paramedics arrive.

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May 1 2017

City Edition - wastewater treatment plant expansion

Construction on the City’s Wastewater Treatment plant is progressing. In this story, engineers bring you up to date on what’s happening at the plant East of Bend.

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City Edition - Police Unity Tour

Five Bend Police officers are travelling to Washington DC to participate in a 250 mile bicycle ride honoring fallen officers who have given their lives protecting our country.

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City Edition - multi-modal traffic counters

The City is installing a series of traffic counters to accurately count not just vehicles but also bicycles and pedestrians at key locations throughout the City to help with our growth management planning

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City Edition May 2017 Building and Fire codes for safety

City building inspectors team with the Fire inspectors to insure the health and safety of the public in commercial gathering places throughout the City.


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March 6 2017

City Edition - pedestrian crossings

Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing streets in most instances.  Here, officers from the Bend Police Department explain the law and the responsibilities of drivers and pedestrians.

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City Edition - Neighborhood transportation requests

Neighborhood Associations often come to the City with requests for improvements to their neighborhoods.  Here is how the Growth Management Department responds to these requests.

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