December 22 2016

City Edition - City Budgeting Overview

A lot of you have questions about your tax bills and want to know how the money from property tax revenues and city fees is spent.  Here is a breakdown of what your tax dollars support.


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City Edition - Affordable and Mutli Family Housing

Multi-family and affordable housing is in short supply in Bend. Builders are addressing the problem, and the City is supporting the effort.

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City Edition - Citizen involvement in Growth Plan

Before the City’s Urban Growth Boundary Growth Plan was accepted by the State of Oregon, staff worked with 54 individual residents who served on Citizen Technical Advisory Committees – referred to as TACs -  who help make critical decisions about how and where the City would grow.  Here are the thoughts of four who participated, and their reflections illustrate how this community will be growing together.

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City Edition - Ice Rescue

Winter is a dangerous time with ice forming on the Deschutes River and Mirror Pond. The Bend Fire Department recently held a training exercise to be prepared for any ice rescue emergency that may occur.

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December 2 2016

City Edition - Women in the Fire Department

With the expansion of our basic life support ambulance crews, the City has added more women to the fire department than ever before.

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City Edition - Downtown is thriving

Downtown Bend is thriving thanks to the joint efforts of both City staff and the Downtown Bend Business Association.

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City Edition - Accessibility Update

Construction season is winding down for accessibility projects across the City of Bend.  Here’s a look at the areas where we have been working.

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October 31 2016

City Edition - Fats Oils and Grease

Fats, Oils and Grease are three items that should never go down the drain, both for businesses and homeowners.  Here are some tips from our City staff.

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City Edition - Emergency Plan

The City is revising our emergency plan and working closely with County and State agencies to be prepared for natural disasters.

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City Edition - Winter Street Maintenance

Winter is coming and City crews are gearing up to tackle the upcoming snowstorms with trucks, plows and de-icing equipment.  Here’s what you need to know.

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