November 8 2019

November 2019 Winter Streets Operations

Winter is coming (allegedly). Our Streets Dept has been getting ready. Here's the Streets Department's plan.

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October 25 2019

October 2019 Transportation Funding

Traffic flow and improving safety for people who drive, ride bikes and walk, are priorities for our community. Here’s what the City is doing about it.

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October 7 2019

September 2019 New Fire Chief Todd Riley

We are excited to introduce our new Fire Chief, Todd Riley. 

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August 27 2019

August 2019 Empire Avenue Extension

The City is now working on the final phase of the Empire Corridor Improvements Project that connects Empire Ave. with Butler Market Rd. and 27th St.

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August 7 2019

August 2019 Neighborhood Street Safety

The Neighborhood Street Safety Program ( is a new program in the Streets & Operations Department for small-scale, local, residential street projects to address pedestrian and bicycle safety, safe routes to school, speeding, intersection control and crossings, and other local street traffic safety related issues. 

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June 27 2019

June 2019 Murphy Corridor Improvements Update

The Murphy Corridor Improvements Project is a City Council priority that impacts safety, connectivity and mobility in Southeast Bend.
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Dogs vs. illegal fireworks.

Illegal fireworks are hazardous for many reasons, and they can be really traumatic on our furry four-legged friends.

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June 20 2019

Before you light the fuse on illegal fireworks…..

Before you light the fuse on illegal fireworks ...
If your actions result in fires or injuries you can be responsible for steep fines and end up with criminal records. Choose not to light the fuse on illegal fireworks.

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Before you buy illegal fireworks………

Before you decide to buy illegal fireworks, the Bend Fire Department asks you to consider the risks: fines, injuries and fires that can wipe out a house or a community. Many things can go wrong when you use illegal fireworks, so make the decision to save yourself a lot of money and trouble.

Illegal fireworks are devices that can fly more than 6 feet horizontally or 12 inches vertically, and that explode or shoot balls of fire.

The Bend Fire Department, and all Central Oregon fire agencies, are asking for the community’s help to make the Fourth a great day to celebrate the birth of our nation with consideration for neighbors and community safety.

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2019 Illegal Fireworks - don’t light the fuse

A message from the Bend Fire Department about illegal fireworks. 

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